We strive to excel in cutting-edge technologies through learning.


We make sure growth is exponential & we grow as a team together.


We are Result-Oriented and driven by passion to solve problems.

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Potential for Talents!

We have huge potential for talented individuals to grow! We specialize in multiple domains and a spectrum of technologies. Each employee gets the opportunity to learn, implement & grow individually and also as a team. They also get to develop their communication & interpersonal skills along with their technical skillset. Raavan provides industry solutions, enterprise applications and multi-platform capabilities. We deliver cutting-edge technological solutions that enables our customers to enhance their efficiency in their process. We aspire versatile candidates who are enthusiastic & prepared to take on new challenges.


We strive to achieve success together & recognize everyone

At Raavan your recognition is based on your performance at all levels and hierarchy. We encourage our employees to take up rewarding challenges.
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We are Smart, Close-Knit, Innovative and Enthusiastic

Our employees work collaboratively & solve issues together which leads to progressive learning helping them in their individual career growth.

At Raavan we have a unique culture and the way of working.

Raavan has a unique culture which is our key to innovation and growth. We believe in collaborative team work which gives us the ability to deliver success to our customers and ourselves. This togetherness distinguishes us from others and gives our employees a boundless growth & learning in their career.

We are goal oriented & share responsibilities together
We are goal oriented & share responsibilities together
We practice simplicity, yet with quality in everything we do
We practice simplicity, yet with quality in everything we do
We have developed a passion for employee satisfaction
We have developed a passion for employee satisfaction

Our Employees enjoy working with us for various reasons.

  • Work Life Balance

    People working with Raavan have a better work-life balance. They enjoy being at work where things are not so formal yet being professional.

  • Work Environment

    We have a flexible work style, where our employees have a choice to where they work from & how they could efficiently manage their hours.

  • Learning Curve

    Here at Raavan, there is constant learning at every project you work on. They get to learn latest technologies and expand their skill-sets.


We are a more than a software company and we offer a comprehensive global career path and development opportunities.

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