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MicroFocus Dimensions CM & JIRA Connector

  • Update

    The Plug-in runs every minute and picks up a newly created/updated JIRA ticket and will post the details to the MicroFocus Dimensions CM. It also picks up a newly created/updated Dimensions CM request and will post the details to JIRA.

  • Redundancy

    The JIRA issue key is stored in the Dimensions CM field and MicroFocus Dimensions CM request ID will be stored in JIRA's issue field, thus making it reliable and redundant.

  • Synchronize

    Custom field mapping and custom state mapping can also be done in the Configuration page. The summary and their descriptions are auto-mapped. As a result the Custom fields are synced on JIRA and Dimensions CM side as well.


Raavan has developed a custom Plug-In tool to Integrate JIRA API with MicroFocus Dimensions CM API. The Plug-In is available for download at the Atlassian Marketplace. You can download the Plug-In here.


Features of the Raavan Plugin to Integrate JIRA with Dimensions.

Raavan develops unique Plug-ins and API’s to integrate unrelated applications. Here JIRA admin can configure & test connectivity of Dimensions CM Server instance with ease. They can pick from selection list and map both JIRA and Dimensions CM project, map request with issue type & add/edit custom fields.

Configure MicroFocus Dimensions CM Server Details
Configure MicroFocus Dimensions CM Server Details
Map the JIRA project with MicroFocus Dimensions CM Project
Map the JIRA project with MicroFocus Dimensions CM Project
Map the custom fields and states of Dimensions & JIRA
Map the custom fields and states of Dimensions & JIRA

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